FM-FAC Soundsampler
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FM-FAC Soundsampler intro screen
FM-FAC Soundsampler main screen
FM-FAC Soundsampler disk 2

Utility published in November 1989 by the FAC team. It needs to be used with the Philips NMS 1205 Music Module and has mouse support.


The FM-FAC package includes 2 disks:

  • the first disk is the utility disk

You need to insert the first disk in drive A and boot while pressing ESC+CTRL. Before selecting option 2 on the intro screen or using disk options of the application, don't forget to insert the second disk in drive A.

  • the second disk is a data disk with
    • examples of Memory Samples and Module Samples
    • examples of loaders: MODULE.RUN - SAMPLE.RUN
    • tool to calculate start and end addresses of a module: MODULE2.BAS
    • explanations: MODULE.BAS (and text file MODULE.TXT) - SAMPLE.BAS (and text file SAMPLE.TXT)

The module samples can be used as background music while it is not the case for the memory samples.

The FAC Demo 3 was created to promote this utility.


  • Rolf van Deursen
  • Hayo Rubingh