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First Class Software
First Class Software
Years active 1986-1994
Main activities demos, games
Founded by John van Poelgeest
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members John van Poelgeest, Jeffrey Timmer, Johan Korteland
Former members Jurgen Kramer, Roderik Muit
Website unknown



"Founded" in 1982 with the name JP Productions by John van Poelgeest, it was a one man effort to write software for the TI 99/4a. After buying an MSX2 from Philips (the VG-8235) the name changed to First Class Software. A few years later, Jeffrey Timmer was calling on John's doorstep as John's name and address appeared in some small demo he wrote for a computer store in Dordrecht.

Some time later (probably in 1990 or so) it was proposed to start a diskmagazine for MSX Club Gouda. First by the name of Silent Software (Jeffrey Timmer, Jurgen Kramer and Roderik Muit) the two "merged" to become First Class Software (soon to be abbreviated to FCS) and created about 30 Quasar Disks.

In the meantime, John also was a member of the Federation Against Commodore. This was after FAC Demo 4, but before the release of the first Soundtracker. John and Jeffrey wanted to create a demo, and thus FAC Demo 5 was born (which, in fact, was created by FCS). After FAC 5, John quit the FAC to continue with FCS. The Synsation demo was made, and after that, more products were released.




  • PTC-Demo 1989 (1989 - first real demo)
  • WARP (1990)
  • FCS Demo (1991)
  • Fun Demo (1991)
  • Synsation (1992)
  • Turnix 1 (1993)
  • Turnix 2 (1993)
  • Turnix 3 (1994)


Music Disks



Playboy Strippoker was not a strip poker game, as FCS could not find (and afford) a model to pose. Therefore, pictures were scanned using a screen 12 digitizer. Photo's were however not taken from the Playboy magazine, but from some Penthouse magazines, which Jeffrey Timmer had laying around. Playboy Strippoker is also one of the few productions which has no music written by John van Poelgeest. The music was written by Roderik Muit. Also, the first batch was sold with a Playboy magazine included, which Arjan Prosman from MSX Club Gouda bought from several stores. According to Arjan, he got some strange looks when buying all remaining Playboy magazines in the stores.

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