Fony Demodisk 1
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This is the first Demodisk released by Fony. They released it at the fair in Tilburg on 13 April 1991. This production was also sold as MCM Public Domain disk B45.

The music for this megademo was written with the help of SCC Musixx by Tyfoon Soft. The graphics are in screen 5, except for two parts (Fony Fire and Marcel Demo) that use screen 8.

A cartridge with SCC/SCC+ soundchip or compatible is required to fully enjoy it. SCC Konami cartridges are usable but remember: Do not insert a cartridge with the MSX turned on!!!. However, safe options exist:

  • slotexpanders with switches
  • SCC cartridges modified with switch or converted to Megasram (aka ESE-RAM)
  • use an MSX emulator




This intro allows you to specify in which slot you have inserted a SCC/SCC+ cartridge and to discover the transition screen when another part of the disk is loaded.

Writing Demo


This part contains an introduction of the members who worked on this demodisk. The File Hunter is missing in this demo, which is explained in the next demo.

The Pretender made an input script using the mouse, which was used to create the text in this demo.

Fony Fire


This part contains a sinus-scroller, fireworks in the background and a bouncing FONY logo.

The logo can be controlled by the user. After pressing the CAPS key on the keyboard, use the F key with one of the cursor keys.

To go to the next demo, you have to press the spacebar and keep it pressed, untill the active firework routine is finished.

Type It


A syntax error message in this megademo? Actually, Fony has created his own BASIC, and you need to explore it if you want to see the other parts of this demo disk!

Some suggestions: try the function keys, the nicknames of the Fony team and instructions related to disk!

Roza Demo


On the Nassau Scholengemeenschap in Breda there was an economics teacher who inspired Metallica for this demo.

The demo itself it quite simple, with only a background picture and a simple scroller. The story in the very long scroll text is a good example of Fony's black humor!

Insert Disk II


After the syntax error, another joke from the Fony team! I guess it's very easy here to find the solution to get out this trap!



A more classical part inspired by Batman. Note that the background SCC music is here an amazing mix of several melodies!

Marcel Demo


A digitized picture for this part conceived as a little cartoon. It's about a very strange MSX fan...

3D Demo


This part includes realtime calculated 3D objects and you can manipulate them with several keys. Press RETURN to get the list of useful keys.

The routine for this demo was inspired by an Amiga demo. It proves that a MSX2 can make surprizing things!



The final part starts with a typical movie screen and gives detailed credits for the different parts of this demodisk.

That's the only part with a SCC melody that has not been composed by a Fony member, but by Redsoft.

Hidden parts

Screen Test


Access to this intelligence test by entering RUN"SCREEN" in the Type It part.

FAC Pouwer Touwer


Access to this parody of the FAC Power Tower by entering RUN"POUWTOUW" in the Type It part.

Christmas Greetings


This nice part with an exclusive SCC melody is only available when you run this demodisk between 20 December and 1 January. It will precede the Writing Demo.