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HAL Laboratory sold a variety of MSX Applications and Games and also a couple of peripherals.




Product Description
HAL HJB-001 Joyball
HAL HTB-30 Trackball
HAL HTB-60 Trackball
HAL HTC-001 Trackball
HAL Mouse Pocket Mouse

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
HAL HIS-10 Scanner
HAL HIS-10Y Scanner
HAL HIS-60 Scanner/printer interface
HAL HVS-10 Scanner



Title Genre Computer Notes
Animation editor EDDY Graphic demo MSX1 Tape sold with HTC-001 trackball
Also released on cartridge
Easy Telopper II Graphics 256kB MSX2 Cartridge + 2 disks
Released by Sony
Eddy II Graphics MSX1
F1 Tool Disk II Graphics, Sound and Music MSX2 Released by Sony
Gcalc Spreadsheet MSX2
Gcalc Set Spreadsheet
Operating System
MSX2 Gcalc disk + Halnote rom
Gcard Database MSX2
Graphic Editor Graphics MSX1
Graphic Master Graphics MSX1 Released by Sony
Graphic Studio Pro Graphics MSX2 Released by Sony
Gterm Communication MSX2
Halnote Operating System MSX2 Cartridge + 1 or 2 disks
Handy Scanner-MSX2 Tool MSX2 Cartridge + Disk
+ HIS-10 or HIS-10Y scanner
LAB Letter No.1 Misc MSX2 Diskmagazine for Halnote
LAB Letter No.2 Misc MSX2 Diskmagazine for Halnote
LAB Letter No.3 Misc MSX2 Diskmagazine for Halnote
Lightpen Graphics Graphics MSX1 Released by Sanyo
MSX View Operating System MSX turbo R Specific Kanji-ROM + 3 disks
Released by ASCII
2 of the 3 disks are replaced by firmware on
Panasonic FS-A1GT but some fonts are missing
Music Editor MUE Music MSX1
Naoko's Writing Word Processor MSX2
Print Lab Graphics MSX1 Cartridge + Tape
Released by Sony


Title Genre Computer Notes
Alters Stela Action MSX2 Unreleased
Balance Puzzle MSX1
Bull and Mighty's Slim Chance Action MSX1
Butamaru Pants Action MSX1
Custar Educational MSX1
Dragon Attack Shoot-'em-up MSX1 Developed by Takara
Dunk Shot Sport MSX1
Eggerland Mystery Puzzle MSX1
Eggerland 2 Puzzle MSX1 Improved graphics on MSX2
Fruit Search Puzzle MSX1 Developed by Takara
Gall Force Shoot-'em-up MSX1 Released by Sony
HAL Game Collection Vol.1 Misc MSX1 Released by Takeru
HAL Game Collection Vol.2 Misc MSX1 Released by Takeru
Heavy Boxing Sport MSX1 Developed by Takara
Hole In One Sport MSX1
Hole In One Extension Course Sport MSX1
Hole In One Professionnal Sport MSX1
Hole In One Special Sport MSX1
Karamaru Educational MSX1
Kick It! Action MSX1 Developed by The Bytebusters
Released by Seika Romox
Mr. Chin Action MSX1
Mr. Ninja - Ashura's Chapter Action MSX2 Developed by UPL
Pachipro Densetsu Board game MSX2 Developed by CBS/Sony
Picky Action MSX1
Picture Puzzle Puzzle MSX1
Pyro-Man Action, Platform MSX1 Developed by Nice Ideas
Released by Seika Romox
Rocket Roger Action MSX1 Developed by Alligata
Released by Seika Romox
Rollerball Pinball MSX1
Snake It Puzzle MSX1 Developed by The Bytebusters
Released by Seika Romox
Space Maze Attack Action MSX1
Space Trouble Shoot-'em-up MSX1
Step Up Action MSX1 Developed by Takara,
Marvel Soft
Super Billiards Board game MSX1
Super Snake Action MSX1
Swimming Tango Educational MSX1
Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga Ippai Action, Platform MSX2 Developed by CBS/Sony
Tetsuman Board game MSX1
The Roving Planet Styllus Action MSX1
Viva Las Vegas Gambling MSX2 Unreleased on MSX
CBS/Sony released a Famicom version
Who Dares Wins II Action MSX1 Developed by Alligata
Released by Seika Romox
Zukkoke Yajikita Onmitsudoutyuu RPG MSX2



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