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Years active 1991-2003
Main activities demos, games, music disks
Founded by Jan Willem van Helden, Ruud Gelissen, Ramon Gaasbeek
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members The Engineer, Enigma, RamonMSX, SoundWave
Former members Ramon Gaasbeek
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Hegega was founded in 1991 in Limburg, the Netherlands by The Engineer (He), Ruud Gelissen (Ge) and Ramon Gaasbeek (Ga), with the goal to create games. At first a few demos were created, but it became apparent that a graphics artist was needed. At the local MSX club meeting in Limburg, they met RamonMSX, who signed up as the graphics artist for Hegega. In this composition their first game Teacher's Terror was created in 1992/1993, in the style of Operation Wolf.

After releasing Teacher's Terror at the 1993 Tilburg fair, the group moved on to Bet Your Life, a game heavily inspired by the SNES hit Smash TV. Teacher's Terror contained covers of top40 songs, but the group wanted something different and favored including original music for the new game. Because some of the group members were also part of the FutureDisk crew they decided to ask SoundWave, who had newly joined the FutureDisk crew as the resident composer, to create the music for Bet Your Life.

In this final formation some small games and demos were created for the FutureDisk. Bet Your Life was released at the Zandvoort 1994 fair. On the 1995 Tilburg fair the next official Hegega product was released: the Carbuncle Big Band. This was a music disk that featured the mascotte from MSX company Compile and his band and a large collection of songs. The final product created in 1995 was a version of Teacher's Terror, a polished version of the earlier release with original music. This version was meant for distribution in the Japanese Takeru game machines but unfortunately the MSX market in Japan collapsed. This Takeru version was released in 2003 as a featured game on the CD of the Japanese MSX Magazine 2.




  • Pluto Demo (1992)


  • SD-Amiga (1992)
  • Pacman mini (1993)
  • Teachers Terror (1993)
  • Bet Your Life (1994)
  • Betonvraete (1995)
  • Teachers Terror - Takeru version (1995)
  • Teachers Terror - MSX Magazine version (2003)

Music Disks

  • Carbuncle Big Band (1995)


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