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Years active 1991-1995
Main activities demos, music disks
Founded by Maggoo, Mumbly
Area Belgium, Italy, Netherlands
Current/final members Maggoo, DanDan, Spooky, Mumbly, DrRay
Former members
Website Abyss



First conceived to mean 'Instrument of Dream', IOD was founded in 1991 by Mumbly and Maggoo. Both had frequented the same MSX club nearby Charleroi, Belgium for a couple of years. At the time Mumbly was experimenting with Z80 assembly and VDP effects while Maggoo was thinkering with Turbo Basic and starting to learn assembly.

On their way back from the Zandvoort Fair in 1991, they decided to form a new group to create a Megademo with a "game style menu" themed after Metal Gear. They shared the idea with Dr Ray, another member of the local MSX club and got him on board for the project.

At the same period Maggoo got in touch with Spooky, a Dutch student residing in nearby Mons, Belgium. Spooky had a talent for computer graphics and animation and was also interested in creating MSX Demos.

They started working on Metal Limit project while releasing a few demos for disk magazines.

They later met Dandan, a talented musician from Italy at the Tilburg MSX Fair. Dandan had previously released 2 music disks, Audio Wave #1 and #2.

IOD released Metal Limit in Tilburg 1994 along with Audio Wave #3.

Soon after releasing Metal Limit, the group decided to join forces with the French United Coders to form a new group called Abyss focusing on making games.


  • Spooky
  • Maggoo
  • Dandan
  • Mumbly
  • Dr Ray



  • IOD Demo (1991)
  • GIF Demo (1991) (*)
  • Rhapsody 1 (1992)
  • Rhapsody promo demo (1992)
  • Rhapsody 2 (1994)
  • Scroll Mania (1994)
  • Metal Limit (1994)
  • MSX Brigade Demo (1994)
  • Xmas Demo (1994)
  • Color Demo (1994) (*)

(*) Not officially released, but now available as download.

Music Disks

  • Audio Wave 1 (1992)
  • Audio Wave 2 (1993)
  • Audio Wave 3 (1994)

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