Interlacing Demo
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Demo published in November 1989 by Cracxy Crew on a single sided disk. Was also available as MCM Public Domain disk B17.

A cartridge with SCC/SCC+ soundchip or compatible is required to fully enjoy it. SCC Konami cartridges are usable but remember: Do not insert a cartridge with the MSX turned on!!!. However, safe options exist:

  • slotexpanders with switches
  • SCC cartridges modified with switch or converted to Megasram (aka ESE-RAM)
  • use an MSX emulator



Interlacing Demo in screen 7

This demo displays an interlaced picture in screen 7 created with the Halos graphic tool of Sony. A text scroll at the bottom of the picture explains the used technique and a ripped SCC music enhances the general atmosphere of this demo.


HI-GRAPHics Demo in screen 6

The disk includes also the utility HI-GRAPhics, written by Arjen Schrijvers. It adds the HIGRP device to a MSX2 computer and allows to use small letters on screen 6. To run it and see a demo, enter BLOAD"HIGRP.BIN", R:RUN"DEMO.BAS"


  • Walter Meester
  • Omega
  • Arjen Schrijvers