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In 1995 Near Dark released Jarretenk at the Tilburg fair. It's a music disk supporting MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC. There were 100 copies produced of which some 90 were sold in one day for just a bit more than € 2,- a piece.
Jarretenk was highly promoted with a huge banner on top of the stand and 200 black and white flyers and 10 coloured flyers.
Again there were guest composers invited. This time they were Dandan and Impulse Corporation. Together with Meits and Chip they delivered no less than 50 pieces of music.
The VU bars in Soepfiskje were replaced with a spectrum analyzer. When choosing the song "Puyo Virus", Puyo would walk left and right between these bars and display several animations.
Jarretenk was Near Dark's first sector based music disk.

JT intro.png


  • At the same fair, Hegega released Carbuncle Big Band. This showed because flyers of theirs were replaced by Near Dark's and vice versa.
  • In the train back home, some Jarretenk flyers were found.
  • Jarretenk received a patch to correct the palette and fix some bugs which caused the MSX to freeze while booting it and linger in memory too long after rebooting.
  • Jarretenk still has a bug which shows up in the intro. The graphics deform severly when the MSX is not in screen 0 with at least a width of 41 columns. Also, due to merging code of the two coders at the time, the font is a little bugged. This was never fixed. NOTE: These bugs were fixed by Lars The 18Th in 2016
JT replayer.png