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It's a MSX-DOS 1 tool created by Philips, actually a new version of KERMITR, this time designed for the Philips NMS 1250, Philips NMS 1255 and Miniware M4000 modems.


This tool can be configured by modifying the initialisation settings in the KERMITM.INI file.



Launches a terminal program enabling to transfer files using the Kermit protocol.

Note: This command does not work under MSX-DOS 2 / Nextor.




This command does not take parameters.

Kermit MSX-DOS commands

After launching, you can use the internal Kermit MSX-DOS command line. Some commands work in a similar way to standard MSX-DOS 1.

Command Parameters Effect
BYE - Logs out and exits to MSX-DOS
CONNECT - Connects to dialed remote system
DATE - Returns local date and time
DELETE <Device>:<Filename> Deletes local files
DIAL see below Dials a telephone number
DIR <Device>:<Filename> Displays listing of local files
DISCONNECT - Disconnects telephone line
EXIT - Exits from the utility
FINISH - Shuts down remote server
HELP - Gives help about the utility
LOG <Device>:<Filename> Logs remote terminal session to a file
LOGOUT - Logs out remote server
RECEIVE <Device>:<Filename> Receives files from remote server
RENAME <Device>:<Filename> <NewFilename> Renames local files
SEND <Device>:<Filename> Sends files to remote server
SET see below Sets various parameters
SHOW - Displays infos about settings
SLEEP <Time> in seconds Delays the data communication
TAKE <Device>:<Filename> Takes commands from a file
TRANSMIT <Device>:<Filename> Transmits a local ASCII file without Kermit
TYPE <Device>:<Filename> Displays the contents of an ASCII file

Parameters of the DIAL command

Parameter Effect
! Waits only a second after picking up the hook
+ Waits a second to slow down the dialing
- Waits for a dialtone after picking up the hook
P Uses pulse dialing
T Uses tone dialing
C Manual connection after manual dialing and receiving correct tone
0 to 9 Specifies the telephone number to be dialed

Parameters of the SET command

Note: You can put parameters in the KERMITM.INI file (will be used when launching KERMITM) and/or in a file that will be used by the TAKE command.

Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Effect
ADDLFR ON/OFF Enables/disables addition of line feed after a received carriage return
ADDLFT ON/OFF Enables/diables addition of line feed after a sent carriage return
BAUD 6 options Changes modem speed (sending and receiving)
Default is 300FD
DATABITS 5, 6, 7 or 8 Changes the number of databits to use
DISPLAY ON/OFF Enables/disables display of text sent with TRANSMIT
ESCAPE an ASCII character Changes Escape character from CONNECT
Default is (Control-)c
FILE_WARNING ON/OFF Enables/disables warning on to avoid file collision
IBM ON/OFF Enables/disables settings for communication with IBM-mainframe
LOCAL-ECHO ON/OFF Enables/disables echoing during CONNECT
Default is OFF
PARITY ODD, EVEN, NONE Changes parity character
Default is NONE
PROMPT String of 1 to 25 printable
characters except space
Changes prompt
Default is MSX-Kermit>
STOPBITS 1, 1.5 or 2 Changes the number of stopbits to use
TIMEOUT 1 to 99 Changes the number of seconds before a timeout
when trying to receive a message - Default is 15
VERSION ON/OFF Enables/disables display of software version with SHOW
VT52 ON/OFF Enables/disables emulation of VT52 terminal
XON/XOFF ON/OFF Enables/disables the full duplex flow control

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