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Kid Cnoz is the scene name for Hans Cnossen who wrote some lovely tunes for Fuzzy Logic amongst others.

Mister Cnoz had a good taste for pep-pills which manifested in the huge pile of Moonblaster tracks, some still waiting to see the light. Also appeared in the first ish of the Muzax saga 'MB Muzax #1' which turned out to be not only a huge success but also putting his name high on the MSX scene tunes-list top 10.

During the Nosferatu period he really turned out to be the drug abuse music monster we expected him to be: delivering not less than over a 40 songs for this (unfinished) game.

Not only did the Fuzz benefit from his talent but he also did some great work for other group projects. Like Umax's Pumkin' Adventure 2 & 3 and The Lost world, team Element and for the Sunrise mags.

The Kid says: 'To tell you the truth, that nickname doesn't originate from my brain! As a matter of fact, it was a mind f*ck in Shadow's but I just left it like it was. You can't change the name you were given, can you. You just have to live with it and people will know you by it. '


Hans wrote music for:

  • SCC Musix disk
  • MB Muzax 1
  • Sunrise Picture Disk 13 Intro
  • Sunrise Magazine 5
  • Sunrise Magazine 8
  • Sunrise Magazine 10
  • Sunrise Magazine 11
  • Sunrise Magazine 12
  • Sunrise Magazine 15
  • Sunrise Magazine 16A
  • Sunrise Magazine 17A
  • Sunrise Magazine 17B
  • Shrines of Enigma
  • Pumpkin Adventure 2
  • Pumpkin Adventure 3
  • Dutch Moonsound Veterans (2015)

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