Lazy Jones
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Title Lazy Jones
Developed by Terminal Software (UK)
Year 1985
System MSX
Sound PSG // music by David Whittaker
Release format Cassette
Notes Also released for C64 (1984) (original release), ZX Spectrum (1984) & Tatung Einstein (1985)
Generation MSX Lazy Jones (1985, MSX, Terminal Software)


Musical references

Lazy Jones has various references to songs/music from around the time of it's conception and earlier. Some references are quite clear, others are debatable. It's not sure if any of them are confirmed by David Whittaker himself.

Some of the titles of the mini-games are arguably music references as well: Star Dust could be a pointer to another well known song of Hoagy Carmichael, The Hills Are Alive to the title song of The Sound of Music, The Reflex to the Duran Duran song and The Wall to the Pink Floyd album.

The title of the game itself seems to be a direct reference to the song "Lazybones" by Hoagy Carmichael, and corresponds to the central hotel lobby tune (contrary to C64, the MSX version uses the abbreviated version (subtune #10) - see #Subtunes).


The table below follows the order of the subtunes of the Lazy Jones C64 SID file (HVSC/MUSICIANS/W/Whittaker_David/Lazy_Jones.sid). All music that's present in the MSX version is present in the C64 original. The C64 version features more songs however, and doesn't re-use room/game themes where the MSX does.

#No Reference MSX Notes
01 Lazybones (Hoagy Carmichael)
Underdog (Giorgio Moroder) (?)
Yes/no Lazybones: ref @ 0:19 - 0:37 (& throughout). Leon Redbone version. 2nd half not on MSX
02 Yes
03 No
04 No
05 Yes
06 Yes (2x)
07 99 Luftballons (Nena) No
08 Yes
09 No
10 Yes Equals 1st half of subtune #01
11 No Equals 2nd half of subtune #01
12 Yes
13 Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat) (?) Yes
14 Post Horn Gallop (Hermann Koenig) Yes
15 Yes (2x)
16 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Gene Page) Yes (2x) This is in turn based on John William's Wild Signals from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
17 Yes
18 Living on the Ceiling (Blancmange) No
19 Yes
20 Fade To Grey (Visage) No
21 It happened Then (Electronic Ensemble) Yes This tune was covered in the dance hit Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation in 1999.


Game Rooms

Name Resembles C64 tune MSX tune Notes
99 Red Balloons Pooyan 07 06
Eggie Chuck Chuckie Egg 12 06
Jay Walk Frogger 15 - Not on MSX
Laser Jones Space Invaders 02 16
Outland 16 16
Res Q H.E.R.O. 04 08
Scoot Joust 06 12
Star Dust 21 05
The Bar 19 19
The Hills Are Alive Defender 05 13
The Reflex Arkanoid 13 05 (Although Arkanoid was released in 1986, so...)
The Turk 14 14
The Wall Snake 03 21
Wafers II - 15 Not on C64
Wild Wafers 20 02
Wipe Out Breakout 08 15

Other Rooms

Name (Resembles) C64 tune MSX tune Notes
Hotel Lobby (overworld) 01 10
Broom Closet 09 10
Restroom 18 10
Lazy Nightmare 17 17

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