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The Lightning demo is the unique demo released in April 1990 by StarCracks and Micronics. Was also available as MCM Public Domain disk B26.

All the musics are ripped from Japanese games using MSX-MUSIC. Some graphics are also ripped. This demo has a great amount of scrolls and some hidden features.




A first scroll to display this intro in screen 7 that is directly an invitation to buy the Panasonic FM-PAC cartridge!

By default, the demo runs in 60Hz mode, but if you press F1 while booting, it will run in 50Hz mode.

Text scroll 1


This first text scroll is in screen 5 with sinusoidal effects. It gives some infos about the developing of the demo.

Text scroll 2


A multicolored scroll under an Aleste picture in screen 5. It includes all the greetings.

It's an interactive part. Press at the same time on F1+ F3 or TAB+F5 to hear another FM music. Back to the original melody with ESC+RETURN.

3D Vision


A 3D picture of a spaceship in screen 7 or a good way to show the MSX2 resources.

Text scroll 3


Back to screen 5 for this scroll with color effects. Many messages for the other groups on the MSX scene!

It's another interactive part. Use the left and right keys to change the speed of the music. Back to normal speed with RETURN.

Static picture


A picture from Nemesis 3 in screen 2, the opportunity to listen another good FM music!

Text scroll 4


Back again to screen 5 for another text scroll, this time with bouncing balls besides the color effects. The text gtves tips for two games: Fire Hawk and Hydefos.



The final part with the credits is in screen 7. It's actually another scroll, but in the vertical movie mode!


  • StarCracks
  • Micronics
  • Misticks