LuxuryBox VIII
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LuxuryBox VIII is announced as a improved version of MegaRAM like the Zemina Deluxe Box. It is a MegaRAM or MegaSRAM if you take the optional battery.

This cartridge was released in 2016. Only newer versions have the cartridge contacts gold plated.

Warning: Do not remove the tape from the board if you have the chromium or golden champagne version because the cases is conductive.


LuxuryBox VIII (chromium)
LuxuryBox VIII (translucent black)
LuxuryBox VIII (golden champagne)
LuxuryBox VIII PCB (v1)
LuxuryBox VIII PCB
LuxuryBox VIII PCB (back)
LuxuryBox VIII PCB


  • MegaRom games can be loaded (mgLUX, mgLunch4LUX)
  • It contains 8/16M (512/1024kB) SRAM that can be used as ROM mapper or Memory Mapper (selectable with a switch)
  • Supported ROM mappers are: Konani 8K/SCC, ASCII 8K/16K, Zemina, BASIC ROM and mirrored ROM.
  • SCC sound support (optional, the original chip is used)
  • Battery with switch to clear the SRAM content (optional)