MA-20 BR
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The MA-20 BR is a "MSX1 to MSX2" cartridge created by the Brazilian fan Luis Fernando Luca and based on the original Japanese Neos MA-20 "Version Up Adapter", with some modifications:

  • a 512kB memory mapper, what means that you don't need 64kB RAM in the MSX1 (? only 16kB)
  • the MSX2+ VDP Yamaha V9958 instead of the MSX2 VDP V9938
  • the BIOS/BASIC is on a Flash chip, it's MSX2 as on the Neos cartridge, but you can upgrade it to adapt the Bios for your MSX (keyboard, characters font, region, etc).
  • an expanded slot connector
  • dip switches to adapt the VDP frequency to the used MSX1 computer

The power supply can be internal or external, with a switch on the left side. An AC adapter 110/220V is included in the package.

To use it you need a MSX1 with a primary cartridge slot free and a dedicated monitor. Contrary to what the logos on the case sticker suggest, it does not work on other MSX generations.

Compatibility with MSX1 hardware and MSX2 software can be found here.

Model MA-20 BR
Year 2016
Region Brazil
Launch price
RAM at least 16kB (?) on MSX1 host + 512kB on cartridge
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges, possibly 1DD or 2DD floppy disks or cassette tapes (from the MSX1 host)
Video Yamaha V9958 (MSX2+ VDP!)
Audio PSG (from the MSX1 host)
Chipset possibly on MSX1 host
Keyboard layout keyboard of the MSX1 host
Emulation ROMs dumped, but not yet emulated


MA-20 BR cartridge
MA-20 BR left side
MA-20 BR box
MA-20 BR connectors


The MSX2 'added' to the MSX1 is a computer that depends from the MSX1 host for some of its features, especially the PSG and the usable media. The real time clock has a standard I/O address. Used I/O ports for the VDP are #88~#8B

An MSX2+ upgrade is possible but with several limitations.


  • 15khz VGA output
  • S-Video output
  • Composite video output
  • Expanded slot connector
  • Connector for AC adapter