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The MA20+ is a "MSX1 to MSX2" cartridge created in 20xx~2021 by MetalGear2. It is based on the original Japanese Neos MA-20 "Version Up Adapter", and integrated in a FPGA except for the VDP.

To use it you need a MSX1 with a primary cartridge slot free and a dedicated monitor. It does not work on other MSX generations.

Price: Not on sale yet. (WIP)

Compatibility with MSX1 hardware and MSX2 software can be found here.


First MA-20+ PCB (prototype)


  • A 512kB memory mapper, expandable to 1024kB
  • The MSX2+ VDP Yamaha V9958 instead of the MSX2 VDP V9938
  • The BIOS/BASIC is on a Flash chip in the same cartridge.
  • FM sound
  • SCC sound
  • PSG sound
  • Volume sound regulator
  • P/S2 Keyboard (that can be enabled by a dip switch).

The V9958 VDP allows to run MSX2+ games with several limitations.


  • RGB output
  • Audio jack output
  • P/S2 keyboard connector