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MSX-BASIC is an extended version of Microsoft Standard BASIC Version 4.5, and includes support for graphic, music, and various peripherals attached to MSX Personal Computers.

Generally, MSX-BASIC is designed to follow GW-BASIC, which is one of the standard BASICs running on 16-bit computers.

During the creation of MSX-BASIC, a major effort was made to make the system as flexible and expandable as possible. MSX-BASIC is included in all MSXs.


Version 1.x

Shipped with most MSX1 machines, known versions:

  • 1.0 - (c) 1983 by Microsoft
  • 1.1 - Br Gradiente

There are also versions 1.1 to 1.4 of HOT-BASIC for the Sharp HB-8000 computer, with error messages translated in Portuguese.

Version 2.x

Minimum version for MSX2 machines, known versions:

  • 2.0 - (c) 1985 by Microsoft
  • 2.1 - (c) 1986 by Microsoft
  • 2.2 - (c) 1989 Digital Design


  • There are also 2.2 versions created by FRS - The European version is based on 2.1 while the Japanese version is based on 2.0
  • On the Arabic Sakhr machines, you'll find this type of indication on the MSX-BASIC screen in Arabic mode:

2.1 - (c) 1983 by Microsoft, MSX Arabic system version 2.0x (c) 1986 by Microsoft & Alalamiah with x=1 for AX-350 and AX-500, x-2 for AX-350II, x=3 for AX-370. Actually 1983 refers to version 1.0 of MSX-BASIC, this error does not appear in International mode.

Version 3.x

Minimum version for MSX2+ machines, known versions:

  • 3.0 - (c) 1988 by Microsoft
  • 3.1 - (c) 1990 A.Carchano
  • 3.2 - (c) 1997 A.Carchano

Version 4.x

Shipped with MSX turbo R machines, known versions:

  • 4.0 - (c) 1990 by Microsoft
  • 4.1 - (c) 1990 by Microsoft




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