MSX-News 02
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Help needed
Unfortunaly, the available disk image is corrupted. If you have this disk and can provide a good disk image, then post a message in the forum.



Diskmagazine released by the MSX GebruikersGroep Nijmegen on a single sided disk in December 1988.

It was provided for free to the disk subscribers of MSX Club Magazine 21.


  • all the DOC files are plain ASCII text files
  • the PSG music is optional
  • the VDP frequency can be changed

Main content

MSX-News 02
MSX-News 02 Screen 8 picture
MSX-News 02 Screen 7 picture

General info

  • MSX-DOS 1 (2)
  • 4 MBytes Memory
  • 60 Hz

Software reviews


  • Picture in screen 8 - ALESTE.PIC
  • Picture in screen 7 - SAMPLE1.GE7

Playing tips