MSX-News 03
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The interface is for MSX2 and higher. However, the provided software is compatible with MSX1.



Diskmagazine released by the MSX GebruikersGroep Nijmegen on a single sided disk in February 1989.

It was provided for free to the disk subscribers of MSX Club Magazine 22.


  • all the DOC files are plain ASCII text files
  • this magazine has a settings menu (but without save option)
  • the PSG music is optional
  • the VDP frequency can be changed
  • for a better compatibility: line 70 in AUTOEXEC.BAS should begin with IF PEEK(&H2D)=0
  • for a 'standard' ADJUST position, value of AX in line 70 of NEWSMSX2.BAS needs to be 0

Main content

MSX-News 03
MSX-News 03 Settings
Super Character

General info

  • MSX-DOS 1 (3)
  • 4 MBytes Memory
  • Basicode (advices for recording)

Software reviews



MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
STARTER.BAS File Opstarter 1.6 Leon van Knijff MSX2 Not version 2.6 as version
2.01 is on Diskline 1.02
SUPLET.BAS Super Character
(Super Letter)
Leon van Knijff MSX1 Correct name for file in line 100 must be
Karakter.sup OR Newsset.sup


  • Picture in screen 8 - SATURN.PIC

Playing tips

Extra tips in ROBERT2.DOC (not in the menu) :