MSX-News 05
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The interface is different if you use a MSX1 or a MSX2 computer. However, a MSX2 or higher machine is recommended.



Diskmagazine released by the MSX GebruikersGroep Nijmegen on a single sided disk in October 1989.

It was provided for free to the disk subscribers of MSX Club Magazine 26.


  • all the DOC files are plain ASCII text files
  • this magazine has a settings menu with still more options
  • it uses CompileBGM BASIC
  • the PSG/FM music is optional except on the intro
  • by using several times "Muziek aan" on the menu, you can hear another music
  • changes required in AUTOEXEC.BAS for a better compatibility:
    • line 10 should begin with SCREEN 0: IF PEEK(&H2D)>0
    • line 40 should begin with IF PEEK(&H2D)=0


The intro is made with a STP file for Dynamic Publisher. This intro is skipped on MSX1 computers.

Main content

MSX-News 05 Intro
MSX-News 05 Settings
MSX-News 05 Screen 8 picture

General info

  • RAMdisk
  • Music on MSX (1)
  • MSX printers

Software reviews



MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
ELEKTRO.BAS Parallel-Connected Resistors Enrico Frauenfelder MSX1 Width 80 recommended
FORMULES.BAS Mathematical Formulas MSX-News MSX1 Width 80 recommended



  • Picture in screen 8 - PITSTOP.PIC

Playing tips