MSX Action Club Disk 1
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Diskmagazine released by the MSX Action Club in December 1990.

Was also sold as MCM Public Domain disk B35, but when MCM was informed that it was actually the last diskmagazine from the MSX Action Club, it was replaced by the MAD Club Infodisk 1.


  • this disk has several menus, option 2 of the first menu in screen 5 leads to the magazine part in screen 7
  • between menus 1 and 2, there's a picture in screen 5
  • all the TXT files are plain ASCII text files
  • it's recommended to boot while pressing the CTRL key

Main content

MSX Action Club Disk 1 first menu
MSX Action Club Disk 1 screen 5 picture
MSX Action Club Disk 1 magazine menu

Software reviews


Aksa-Base Demo
Simpsons Demo
Simpsons Demo


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
AKSADEMO.LDR Aksa-Base Demo R.Polmans MSX2 With PSG music
BOOM.BAS Pythagoras Tree
(Boom Van Pythagoras)
Rob Geerings MSX2
SIMPSON.LDR Simpsons Demo Costa (PWN) MSX2 With MSX-MUSIC samples


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
DEFIN.LDR Sprite Editor Peter Meulendijks
Rob Geerings
HERTZ50.LDR VDP Frequency Transformer Rob Geerings MSX2
SEARCE.BAS Picture Colors Changer Peter Meulendijks MSX2 For screen 5 pictures


Playing tips