MSX Commander
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MSX Commander Screenshot



MSX Commander is a GUI/file manager for MSX-DOS 2 like Norton Commander devloped by Retro Canada until 2012, and patched by KdL for Nextor.

The latest version is the v1.1.05. This version can be downloaded on MSXhub.

Minimum environment

  • MSX2 computer with 256kB Ram
  • MSX-DOS 2 or Nextor
  • Mouse (optional)


  • FAT12 / FAT16 support
  • Developed 100% in assembly
  • Rich colorful text mode interface
  • Object-oriented interface with pull-down menus, windows, dialogs, buttons and text-boxes
  • Mouse support for point and click
  • IBM PC-like cursor emulation
  • Mapper usage. There is no limit on the number of files per folder
  • Double buffered screen, no artifacts when refreshing
  • Integrated shell with fork/join process up to 124 characters of command line
  • Prompt shell
  • User Menu (MC.MNU) for custom commands