MSX Computer Magazine 36
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MSX Computer Magazine 36



Published in February 1990.


Main content

General info

  • Review of 1 book
  • MSX2+ (2)
  • Bits, bytes and BASIC

Hardware reviews

  • HSH RE-512 MM Memory Mapper

Software reviews



Note: Corresponding disk is MCMD35


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation
BRDR1 Move Border Screen 1 Michel Shuqair MSX1
BRDR2 Move Background Screen 2 Michel Shuqair MSX1
WANDEL Walk (Wandel) Jan Broeze MSX1


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Soundchips
HOLA Higher/Lower
Arjan de Vries MSX1 PSG


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
ICP6 Input Checking Program version 6
(ICP - Invoer Controle Programma)
ICP7 Input Checking Program version 7
(ICP - Invoer Controle Programma)
MCM MSX1 Only on disk
Test version
Generates the binary ICP7B
RGNBG Rainbow (Regenboog) Freddy Vulto MSX2
SAL90 Calculating Salary
J. van der Jagt MSX1
SUPPRT Super Print Michel Shuqair MSX1

Art Gallery

MCM 36 Art Gallery - ALPINE
MCM 36 Art Gallery - CARRIER
MCM 36 Art Gallery - DUIF

See magazine, pages 50 and 51.

  • Pictures in screen 8 created by Ronald Kok - DUIF.PIC, MASK3.PIC and WU_SHU.PIC
    • These .PIC files are available on disk, with a screen 8 viewer (SHOW35)
  • Pictures in screen 7 created by Ruud Hendriks and Marco Soyer
    • ALPINE - a full BASIC listing that draws the picture
    • CARRIER.BIN with its own loader (CARRIER)

Playing tips