MSX Magazine Eternal Preservation Edition
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MSX Magazine Eternal Preservation Edition



MSX Magazine Eternal Preservation Edition (MSX Magazine 永久保存版) is a revival edition of MSX Magazine, released on 24 December 2002 for ¥2,500 + tax.

It includes a CD-ROM with version 1 of MSX-PLAYer.

Main content

General info

  • How to use MSX-PLAYer
  • Interviews: Kazuhiko Nishi - Tohru Furuya vs. Shunichi Taguchi - Project EGG - Ryouzou Yamashita
  • The Intent Operating System (on which MSX-PLAYer is developed)
  • MSX history and development of MSX-PLAYer
  • MSX websites
  • MSX-PLAYer tips
  • Components of the 4 MSX generations
  • MSX-DOS 1 + PDF file on the CD-ROM: excerpts from MSX-DOS Super Handbook
  • MSX-BASIC for the MSX2+ emulated by MSX-PLAYer

Software reviews

Software embedded with MSX-PLAYer

Commercial games option

EGG Trial option

Homebrew games option

Graph Saurus option

BASIC option

  • Reviews of all the software available on the 2 first disk images
    • including a long review of MuSICA

Other software (with links to websites)

  • Gigamix DM-System2
  • Text Editor V&Z 2
  • SHEM v.1.23
  • SEPT v.2.0
  • BMP Saver
  • Animecha
  • MPX v.1.12
  • MGSEL v.3.01v
  • MPK v.1.06
  • Hi-Tech C v.3.09
  • MSX-BASIC-LIST (for Windows)
  • Susie32 Plug-in for MSX BSAVE File (for Windows)
  • BMP2MSX v.1.11008 (for Windows)
  • MSXplug (for Windows)

Extra on CD-ROM

  • Excerpt from MSX Magazine Summer 1992 Edition about μ.SIOS (PDF file)


MSX Magazine Eternal Preservation Edition
MSX Magazine Eternal Preservation Edition back
MSX Magazine Eternal Preservation Edition Windows compatibles softs


The BASIC option of MSX-PLAYer uses 4 embedded disk images: basic.dsk - dos.dsk - user0.dsk - user1.dsk. The two last ones are empty, aimed to save your own creations.

Disk image 1 (basic.dsk)


Disk image 2 (dos.dsk)

This disk image contains MSX-DOS 1 (MSXDOS.SYS + COMMAND.COM) and a few other files, explained in the book or the MSX-DOS Super Handbook (PDF file).


MSX-DOS required Title Author Generation Notes
ASM.COM MSX Self Assembler 1.4 Hiroyuki Onuki
Kenichi Nagai
BUG.COM MSX Debugger 1.1 Masashi Shimizu MSX1
FCOPY.COM File Copy 1.0 Kenichi Nagai MSX1
FCOPY2.COM File Copy 2.0 H. Nagamatsu MSX2
FDUMP.COM File Dump Zhang Dong MSX1
KTYPE.COM Kanji Type Kenichi Nagai MSX2 Kanji-ROM required
PED.COM Text Editor Zhang Dong MSX1


  • 2 source codes: CLS.MAC - HELLO.MAC

Playing tips