MSX fair Bussum
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The MSX fair Bussum was organised for 10 years, from 1999 to 2008. The fair was held in Bussum, the Netherlands, usually somewhere in Semptember. The MSX fair Bussum started out as the second-largest, and later became the largest MSX fair of the Netherlands.

In 1999 Laurens Holst (Grauw), then a Datax member, contacted Jaap Hoogendijk to offer a new location for the Zandvoort fair: the Uit-Wijk community centre in Bussum. This was the start of a 10-year long yearly meetup for MSX users. After a few years Jaap handed over the full organisation to Laurens (who had joined TNI), who continued organising the fair until 2008, with help from Patriek and Debbie Lesparre.

The unique feature of the MSX fair Bussum was the MSX Marathon, where after the regular fair ended in the afternoon, a select group of die-hards would get their MSX on for a full 24 hours, until breakfast the next morning.

In 2009 it was announced that no further editions of the fair would be held.


  • Bussum 1999: 11th Computer Day & 1st MSX Marathon
  • Bussum 2000: 12th Computer Day & 2nd MSX Marathon
  • Bussum 2001: 13th Computer Day & 3rd MSX Marathon (photoshoot)
  • Bussum 2002: 14th Computer Day & 4th MSX Marathon (photoshoot, report)
  • Bussum 2003: 15th Computer Day & 5th MSX Marathon (photoshoot, report)
  • Bussum 2004: 16th Computer Day & 6th MSX Marathon (photoshoot, report)
  • Bussum 2005: 17th Computer Day & 7th MSX Marathon (photoshoot)
  • Bussum 2006: 18th Computer Day & 8th MSX Marathon (photoshoot)
  • Bussum 2007: 19th Computer Day & 9th MSX Marathon (photoshoot)
  • Bussum 2008: 20th Computer Day & 10th MSX Marathon