Madscient ChibiOto
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ChibiOto is an Japanese upgrade for MSX-AUDIO made by Madscient. This is a small board to be welded on the Y8950 chip to expand the Sample RAM for the ADPCM unit to 256kB.

This upgrade is for the Panasonic FS-CA1 and Toshiba HX-MU900 cartridges, and also the Sound orchestra board for PC-98 computer.

Unlike other methods for HX-MU9000, no much soldering is required and memory can be added simply by inserting it into the Y8950 IC socket.

This board can also be used for the Philips NMS 1205 cartridge if you can disable the internal Sample RAM as for the Panasonic FS-CA1.

Price: ¥2,500


ChibiOto front in FS-CA1
ChibiOto in HX-MU900 with MSX-AUDIO BIOS 1.2
ChibiOto bottom in FS-CA1