Meits Best Noises
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When in between two productions, and time was on his side, Meits tried to make some music disks himself as well. In Basic of course.
Mostly the music came from previously released Near Dark music disks, but there were also some never released musics put on those disks.


Meits Best Noises 1


The first Best Noises was made in 1994 between Soepfiskje and Jarretenk. It already contained some spoilers for the forthcoming Jarretenk.
The graphics were all done by Meits. Just the gothic font was rudely taken from Dynamic Publisher.
As Meits was not much of a programmer back then, the replayer is rather static and boring, though it did show he had watched MB Muzax #1 by Fuzzy Logic. Also the music was written on 50Hz and therefore the autoexec.bas forced the MSX into this mode.

Meits Best Noises 2


After Jarretenk got released in early 1995, and the active Meits got in a void between two big fairs, he started working on the sequel to the first edition.
The intro contains some black and white graphics taken from Metal Gear II and a picture of himself taken from a recording which could be made by MSX Club De Amsterdammer's booth at the Tilburg fair in 1993.
The music menu is a copy of the prequel, only the palette changed a bit.
All the music is taken from the yet to be released music disk Near Dark.

Meits Best Noises 2 plus

Right after MoonSound got released, Meits got one his fellow Near Darkies to lend it to him for one whole day. So in just one afternoon he tried to convert Meits' best Noises 2 as good as possible. Being a total virgin to this sound card, the result was not of mentionable quality.

Meits' Best Noises - The final Chapter


At the Tilburg fair in april 1996 Meits finally got his own MoonSound. The 2.0 version that is. This had to be celebrated with a new, but final, Meits' Best Noises. In no way this edition is comparable to the previous ones. For once he finally got to draw something from scratch which wasn't even that ugly: a hot chick.
As the graphics are in screen 7, the girl graphic fit next to the list of music titles and therefore the code of the previou editions didn't have to be altered that much. All in all this final edition was a fresh result and could have been released as a music disk back in the days. The progression in mastering the MoonSound was obvious, compared to the 2+ edition for sure.


  • Meits Best Noises - The final Chapter got this subtitle because Meits was trying to get rid of his nick name. He failed gloriously.
  • Yo Anne! Juba again on The final Chapter was Meits' answer to Anne de Raad's cover of a Usas game tune, which Meits though could be done better.
  • The girl on The final Chapter was totally hand drawn. The example was in a Magic the Gathering magazine called The Duelist. It was redrawn with a pencil on a piece of transparent foil, which got stuck to the screen. After that all lines got followed with the mouse. This used to be a well known trick in the 90s.
  • The intro BGM on The final Chapter was inspired on the very first Command & Conquer game. As Meits didn't have a PC back then, he had to do it all on memory. Of course it turned out to be a complete different tune than the original, because he had forgotten most of it.
  • All editions got released as extra software on the disk magazine DISK