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MultiMente (MM) is a popular files manager for MSX-DOS 2 developed by MOGU (1993~1996). The interface is based on the file manager for MS-DOS called FILMTN (フィルメンテ) a diminutive for File Maintenance (ファイルメンテナンス).

Although broadcast by its author mainly on private networks existing at the time in Japan (Tokyo BBS, Net Natsume, Mario-Net, etc.), this utility has spread fairly quickly around the world.

The latest version is the v.2.07 (in Japanese) or v.2.07A (in English) but there are patched versions that fix some bugs and provides partial support for FAT16.


  • Computer MSX2/2+/Turbo R with 128kB or more
  • MSX-DOS 2 or Nextor
  • Kanji-ROM (Optional for the English version. MSX-View cartridge can be used as Kanji-ROM.)
  • FAT16 driver if you use the MSX-DOS 2 patched for FAT16 support


  • MM can not process more than 255 files/folders at the same time.
  • If you use the FAT16 compatible version, the Sort command will be ignored for FAT16.
  • Files with a long name are not supported.


  • FAT12 support only (FAT16 partial support patches are available)
  • Copy / Delete / Move files
  • Change attributes files
  • File / volume renaming
  • Folder creation
  • Sort files in FAT (FAT12 only)
  • Play MGS files with titles showing
  • Show folder-Tree
  • Switching of Mega-SCSI partitions
  • Setting of many short cut keys
  • Command execution based on the name extension of the selected file
  • Command line execution (two methods with save of entries history for each)
  • Serial execution of commands
  • Text viewer with redefinable font
  • Screen saver (supports also external screen saver)
  • Customizable file colors based on the name extension
  • Display in interlaced mode possible
  • Japanese font support


Copy the following files to the root directory of disk A:. You can also put the files in a folder if it is specified by the command PATH of the MSX-DOS2 (for example in the AUTOEXEC.BAT or the MM.BAT).

  • MM.BAT (contains the environment settings for MM (variables, path, etc), this file is optional)
  • FAT16.COM (contains the FAT16 driver, this file is optional)
  • MSXDOS2.SYS or NEXTOR.SYS (for Nextor users)

Create the directory /MM on the disk A: and copy the following files inside.

  • MM.CFG (contains the configuration settings of MM, Use CS.COM v3.11 by Iita to apply new settings to MM)
  • MM.COM (contains the main program)
  • MM.EXE (contains the second part of the program)
  • MMMCR.DAT (contains the extended tools of the menu called by the Graph key)
  • MMRET.DAT (contains the parameters to execute a command or a file according to the extension of the selected file)

Following files are created by MM when a corresponding function is executed.

  • MM.HIS (contains the commands last commands entered in the eXecom window)
  • MM.PHS (contains the names of the last folders that have been opened in Copy or Move window)
  • MMTREE.DIR (contains the data to display the folders tree. This file is created in root folder)
  • MMPART.DIR (contains the partitions of the Mega-SCSI that have been opened)


rem set expert=on
set TIME=24
rem MM.BAT
  • Remove the line FAT16.COM if you only have FAT12 partitions or if you use Nextor.
  • The line with "set path" allows you to indicate the folders that contain your main command files. Thus these commands can be entered without indicating the path. Change the paths of this line according to your configuration.
  • The condition allows to quit the batch file if it executed on MSX1 (Remove it if not COMMAND2.COM v2.31 or newer).
  • Remove "rem " to the last line if you prefer an auto execution of MM.

MM.BAT Example

path + A:\MM
set MM=A:\MM
rem set FONT0808=\FONT\MSX-INT.FNT
  • The second and third lines must be here only if you copy MultiMente's files in the \MM folder (except MM.BAT).
  • INITRAM is a command that initializes free RAM to avoid the minor bug of files display. Delete this line if you do not have it. (See also Bugs Know)
  • Line with FONT0808 variable allows to change default ank font to an external font, Remove "rem " to enable it.

How to run it

Enter the following command under MSX-DOS 2 (or Nextor).

MM [<Drive:>][<Path>]

You can also use Multi-boot.

Known Bugs

Avoid rare glitches when file names are displayed:

Uses an external font. To use an external font, add a line like below in your MM.BAT.


Avoid the error message "Not MSX-DOS Disk" with Nextor:

Looking for the bytes "3A E1 5F CB 4F CA" in the MM.COM file with an Hexa Editor and replace CA by C3.

Sources: here and there.