Muzax 3
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Muzax 3 is the last music disk in the popular Muzax series, released by Fuzzy Logic in 1995. It features 18 pieces of music and a game called Tetris On Acid. Sixteen of these songs are in the scrolling menu, one is the title sequence, and one is Oxygene 4, which can be played by hitting the [enter] key. The music disk is DOS2 compatible and can be installed on a HD. As much music as possible is pre-loaded in memory. As such, a memory expansion is recommendable to increase the user experience of this music disk. The disk runs on the Midas aka F-kernel Operating System.

Due to the large amount of samples, the amount of songs on this third disk in the series was half that of MB Muzax 2 or MB Muzax 1. These samples are however what sets this disk apart; often they contain chords and other melodic recordings that blend with the FM channels of the MSX-Music and MSX-AUDIO. Depending on the amount of installed memory, this increased loading time between songs.


  • Due lack of promotion, Muzax 3 wasn't sold out at the Tilburg fair in 1995.
  • The disk's subtitle The Digital Revolution originated from two of the songs. And combined with some of the other songs, this disk was somewhat of a project album.
  • Contrary to MB Muzax 1 and MB Muzax 2, Muzax 3 lost the MB (Moonblaster) prefix in its title, which may have caused some confusion as for how the music was created. However, it was all made with Moonblaster, like its predecessors.


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