NHK Gakuen Japanese MSX-Write
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This is the ASCII Japanese MSX-Write cartridge rebranded by NHK, it has no product code because it came with courses for new students who registered up for the Word Processor Course (ワープロコース).

This course is one of three that were available. It includes a "ROM & RAM" cartridge containing NHK School's Computer Lessons Preparatory courses (NHK学園パソコン講座入門コース), exercises to learn how to use a word processor.

The RAM is in fact a 8kB SRAM, probably used to store the student's answers. The white parts on the cartridge sticker were used to write the student number and name. See Gallery on the NHK Gakuen Modem page for pictures of the "ROM & RAM" cartridges.


NHK MSX-Write back
NHK MSX-Write switch