Near Dark (music disk)
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Summer 1995 Near Dark got seperated from MSX-Club Friesland-Noord. That had to be celebrated with yet another music disk, to be released at the Zandvoort fair that year.
The crew was rather small this time. Just Chip, Opa and Meits showed up at ND HQ. This showed. The intro of the disk was yet a tad ahead of the previously released Jarretenk, but musically it was the worst disk ever. The replayer never got finished in time (there was to be a starfield involved, but it never got finished) and there was no time to add a credits scroller at the end.
Somehow Near Dark sold well.

ND intro.png


  • Together with the profits of DISK, Near Dark sold enough copies for Meits to buy an MSX-Club Gouda Slot expander 5.0.
  • There was a patch for Jarretenk supplied on Near Dark.
  • With a hex viewer like Diskview, you can read a hidden message from Chip on sector 7 and 8 about how to rip Near Dark's music.
ND replayer.png


From Youtube:


  • Chip (coding, music, ideas)
  • Opa (graphics)
  • Meits (graphics, music, ideas)