Near Dark 2.5
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At the Tilburg fair in 1996 Near Dark released their fourth music disk. Near Dark 2½. As the sequel to the music disk with the other very original title, Near Dark.
Near Dark 2½ would be the last music disk with all the core members of the gang, as Chip would quit active participation after its release. It was also the final music disk Near Dark released in collaboration with MSX-Club Friesland-Noord.

ND25 logo.png

The intro of Near Dark 2½ is one of the better intros they ever made. It contains:

  • Text fading in over a logo.
  • Homing text.
  • A star field bouncing on the background and scroller.
ND25 intro.png


  • For the photo shoot for MSX Computer & Club magazine W76 had to pretend to be a customer, while a random stranger had to sell the disk.
  • Near Dark 2½ was the first Moonblaster music disk with John Hassink. A few months before its release Meits convinced him to quit MML and use Moonblaster.
  • 120 copies were produced. Most of them were sold.
  • This was Near Dark's first production which was released on HD disks, since DD disks got too rare to order.
  • The sequel numbering was copied from the Naked Gun series.
ND25 replayer.png