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Opa a.k.a. eVuLoPaH (Peter van der Galiën) came in contact with MSX in the mid 80s. His uncle had a computer shop in the town he lived in, back then. In his second hometown he met Haiko de Boer (hoox) who, later on, became sysop of the Sunrise BBS.

He has always been the pixeling kind of person and has always had a special relation with 16x16 tiles. He drew so many full screen SR5 screens, that there hasn't been time to release everything until now.

Around 1994 he met some of the Near Darkies at an MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland meeting in Leeuwarden. From that moment on he became the main game supplier of Near Dark. After a little while it became clear he had good drawing skills, so he was forced to join Near Dark and pixel Jarretenk.

From that moment he became the main graphics artist of the gang and has always put his mark on the Near Dark releases. Only the few things released in cooperation with MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland were Opa-less.

After DISK quit after its seventh release and Near Dark 2.5 was sold out, Opa had more important things in life than MSX. The silent years set in.

Several years after no contact at all, W76 and Meits invited him to visit an auction in Mariënberg and later on a meeting in Bussum 2005. It would still take until halfway 2010 until he booted his 8250 again to do the graphical part of DISK (the music disk, released at Nijmegen 2011).

After its sequel (dIIsk) was born, Opa did a step back again because of social life and other obligations. He has always been a remarkable MSX person with a morbid sense of humor. So he fits the Near Dark philosophy 100%.


as writer

  • DISK 1 - 7

as coder

  • DISK 1 - 7 (extra software)

as graphics designer


  • Draws on MSX exclusively using Graphsaurus 2.0 and a mouse. The old school way.
  • After Meits the tallest MSX scener at 2.04 meters.
  • Opa has stood for Overal de Pest Aan, Oranje Politie Auto, Ondeugende Pinda Automaat and Opblaas Pop Amateur.

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