Panasoft PANA-092
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The Panasoft PANA-092 cartridge is a funny MSX2 educational software for students. It is called ジュニアメイト (Junior Mate) and contains the following:

  • Kanji-ROM Level 1 (JIS1)
  • Support Kanji print by using some National/Panasonic printers (FS-P400, FS-PW1, etc)
  • 8kB SRAM to save data (D4464C-20L chip)
  • Personal software
    • 9 Lessons
    • Utilties: Phonebook - Schedule - Calculator - Timetable - Memo
    • Games: Speed Lottery - Digital Roulette - Rapid Fire Counter

Press the DEL key at the startup of the MSX to ignore the integrated software and use it as a regular Kanji-ROM.

Launch price: ¥9,800



Junior Mate box
Junior Mate cartridge
Junior Mate box (back + spine)
Panasoft PA-092 manual
Panasoft PA-092 PCB
Panasoft PA-092 PCB underside
PA-092 manual + box opened


Junior Mate - Intro