Panasonic FS-UV1
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The Panasonic FS-UV1 is a (huge) cartridge for MSX2 to place an image or text on top of a video image (superimposition). Product name is "Video Telopper".

It has

  • its own Yamaha V9938 VDP and 128kB VRAM for this purpose
  • a 8kB SRAM which is backed up by two replaceable AA batteries
  • an integrated Kanji-ROM JIS Level 1 and 2

and is provided with the Panasonic FS-AA091 external power supply.

The FS-UV1 was intended for use with the Panasonic FS-A1 or FS-A1F MSX2 computers which have the cartridge slot on the top right-hand side. Due to this its size and weight (with cables attached) it's very unwieldy. If used with another MSX computer this not only makes it often stick out in a weird way, it can also cause stress on the cartridge slot.

This cartridge was only sold in Japan.


The firmware Video Telopper (ビデオテロッパー) is launched automatically when you boot the computer with this cartridge in a slot. Bypassing this software on startup requires the user to press the DEL key during boot until a Beep sound.

The firmware menu presents three options:

  • Superimposing Function
  • Title Telop Wipe & Sheet Graphic Editor
  • Japanese Character Generator

The superimposing function can also be handled from MSX-BASIC with the following instructions:

  • Set the color 0 to transparent: VDP(9)=VDP(9) AND &HDF



Panasonic FS-UV1 with box
Panasonic FS-UV1 box
FS-UV1 box and content
Panasonic FS-UV1 with power supply
FS-UV1 close-up
Panasonic FS-UV1 back
Panasonic FS-UV1 label
Panasonic FS-UV1 inside
FS-UV1 image processing PCB
FS-UV1 control unit PCB


Panasonic FS-UV1 menu
Panasonic FS-UV1 - superimposing
Panasonic FS-UV1 - graphic editor


The FS-UV1 seems to use the same I/O ports #88~#8b as the Neos Version UP Adapter MA-20, which would make them mutually incompatible.


  • RCA Mono Sound input
  • RCA Stereo Sound input
  • RCA NTSC Video input
  • RCA Stereo Sound output
  • RCA NTSC Video output
  • RGB DIN output
  • DC Power connector for the Panasonic FS-AA091 AC Adaptor.