Philips NMS 1210
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The Philips NMS 1210 is a RS-232C interface including a cartridge, a manual and a floppy disk.

The adapter has a fixed cable attached that provides a DB-25 Male port.

The floppy disk includes

  • MSX-DOS 1
  • KERMITR.COM, a terminal MSX-DOS program for MSX1 and MSX2 computers, enabling to transfer files using the Kermit protocol
  • XMODEM.COM, a terminal MSX-DOS program for MSX2 computers, enabling to transfer files using the Xmodem protocol
  • XBASIC.BAT, an autoexecutable MSX-DOS file that installs the RS-232C BIOS 1.0 in RAM - the interface is indeed without any BIOS, the RS-232C BASIC instructions are only available after execution of this program or the corresponding AUTOEXEC.BAS on the same floppy disk
  • a RS-232C driver aimed at advanced programmers to write communication programs in Assembler
Brand Philips
Model NMS 1210
Year 1986
Region The Netherlands
Launch price
Package content Cartridge
User's Manual
Floppy disk
Emulation Not yet emulated


Philips NMS 1210
Philips NMS 1210 underside