Philips NMS 1250
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The Philips NMS 1250 is a data communication package including a modem and a software on disk:

  • It can operate at different speeds
    • CCITT V21 - 300 BAUD Bi-Directional
    • CCITT V23 - 1200 BAUD receive, 75 BAUD send
  • the disk comes with version "NMS 8961" of the Philips MSX Data Communications software created by Computer Mates, a UK company. It supports
    • Videotex / TTY modes
    • File transfer
    • Auto-dialing / Auto-answer

This package can be used with Home Office 2 sold apart, but also included with the NMS 8250, NMS 8255 and NMS 8280 computers.

To combine both software together, you need to copy all the .COM and .OVL files from the MSX Data Communications disk to the Home Office 2 disk. A seventh icon will appear on the main menu of Home Office 2.

Philips also created a driver software package aimed at advanced programmers to write communication programs in Assembler: it includes 3 drivers, one for each country where the NMS 1250 was released. The version of the modem for the Netherlands had a fixed Dutch telephone connector.

This modem was also released in an upgraded version - see NMS 1255 - and was preceded by a pre-version, though sold only in 1992 - see Miniware M4000.

Brand Philips (Manufacturer: Miniware)
Model NMS 1250
Year 1987
Region Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands
Launch price
Package content Modem cartridge
3.5" single-sided disk
Instruction manual



Philips NMS 1250
Philips NMS 1250 package
Philips NMS 1250


MSX Data Communications - intro screen
MSX Data Communications - Services
MSX Data Communications - Service menu
MSX Data Communications - Technical Data
MSX Data Communications - Carrousel menu
Home Office 2 with MSX Data Communications integrated