Pioneer UK-V104
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The Pioneer UK-V104 is a RS-232C board for the hidden MSX2 computer UC-V102. It needs to be installed in one of the internal expansion slots.

A Master/Slave switch allows the installation of two boards. Each board has 2 control channels. It means that the UC-V102 computer can control up to five LaserDiscs players and touch screens (one connected to its own RS-232C connector, four connected to the RS-232C connectors of the two UK-V104 boards).

The boards have their own CPU to guarantee a high speed for sending/receiving data (up to 19200 bps) without losing some of them.

They also include a ROM adding new BASIC instructions - see P-RS-232C BASIC. However, terminal mode is not supported in BASIC for the four controlled devices, you need a dedicated program for that.


Pioneer UK-V104 Service Manual
Pioneer UK-V104