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Pro-Tracker is a music editor, tracker style for MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO made by Tyfoon Soft in 1991.

Its main target device is the MSX-MUSIC chip, so it only supports 6 FM channels and drums.

The program works fine for MSX-AUDIO as well but doesn't support the use of samples.

Note: The menu screen is not available in the files version.

The Programs

Music Program

Pro-Tracker - Music Program

Pro-Tracker was inspired on the Amiga version of Pro-Tracker with 63 patterns consisting out of 64 lines, which scrolled bottom to top on your screen.

In edit mode, the computer keyboard can be used as FM music keyboard with two octaves. By using the INS or DEL key, these octaves can be modified together.

The music data for each melodic channel and the drums are entered by using the keyboard. An extra column with special codes is also present, for example to change the playback speed or to send data to the replayer so you can make your demos/games synchronize with the music which is playing.

It is possible to load FAC Soundtracker 1 and FAC Soundtracker 2 files. Pro-Tracker uses its own heavily compressed & efficient .PRO file format. The FAC Soundtracker 2 slides are not converted, but you can add them manually in the Pro-Tracker music program.

Tip: If you press the GRAPH key when booting and launching this program, the current active line of the tracker will be displayed in red instead of yellow.

Launching if you use the files version: BLOAD"PTPROGRM.BIN",R

Preset Editor

Pro-Tracker - Preset Editor

Pro-Tracker comes with an included Preset Editor which allows you to create your own instruments to use in your songs. 118 presets are included (also for the drums), those numbered from 01 to 15 are the hardware MSX-MUSiC presets.

In this editor, the computer keyboard can be used as FM music keyboard with two octaves to test the instruments. The mouse is here very useful to change the parameters or select another instrument on which you can work.

Launching if you use the files version: BLOAD"PTEDITOR.BIN",R

Useful keys

Music Program

Key Play mode Edit mode
F1 Play pattern Play pattern
F2 Play song Play song
F3 Load song Change pattern
F4 Save song Change instrument
F5 Load software instrument and preset Load software instrument and preset
F6 Copy channel, drums or codes to buffer
F7 Copy pattern to buffer
F8 Copy buffer content to current pattern
F9 Play song Play song
F10 Load presets list Print song
Cursors Change cursor position Change cursor position
O Insert an OFF
P Insert a release
BS Remove note
CTRL + D Change drums frequency and codes Change drums frequency
CTRL + F Insert a flipped frequency effect
CTRL + I Insert a decreasing slide
CRTL + P Insert a pitch effect
CTRL + S Load FAC Soundtracker song
CTRL + U Insert an increasing slide
CTRL + V Change channel volume
CTRL + DEL Access to Transpose DOWN feature
CTRL + INS Access to Transpose UP feature
CTRL + STOP Back to menu (in original version) Back to menu (in original version)
DEL Decrease octave
ESC Stop current action
or Toggle Play mode / Edit mode
Stop current action
or Toggle Play mode / Edit mode
HOME Back to begin of current pattern
INS Increase octave
RETURN Enter name or value
Overwrite to save song (after F4)
Remove note
SELECT Change VDP frequency Change VDP frequency
SHIFT + HOME Clear memory Clear current pattern
SPACE Select a file to load (after F3 or CTRL+S)
Choose new name to save current song
(after F4)
TAB Navigate between blocks

Preset Editor

Cursors Change cursor position
CTRL + STOP Back to menu (in original version)
SPACE Change parameter at the cursor position


To access thexe extras with the original disk, boot without any disk in drive A, then insert the Pro-Tracker disk after booting.


By entering FILES, you will find PT_DRIVE.BAS as example of replayer, that can easily be adapted for MSX1 (especially by using WIDTH40 instead of WIDTH80 in line 80).

According the soundchip you want to use, the value of MC needs to be 0 (MSX-MUSIC) or 1 (MSX-AUDIO). The most secure option is to set this value on line 140 and to add a line 145 GOTO 170.

The code source is also provided.

Included musics

Several musics (.PRO files) are included, their number vary according the used version of Pro-Tracker.

Song (PRO) Title Composer
CRYSTAL Crystal Ernst Schuller
CYBER-D Cyber Dream Breaky-Soft
ENDLESS1 Endless Ending 1 Breaky-Soft
ENDLESS2 Endless Ending 2 Breaky-Soft
FEASILY Feasily Fony
FORTHOSE For Those Who Date Ernst Schuller
GALIOUS Galious Theme Breaky-Soft
HOUSY Housy Breaky-Soft
IMMACULA Immaculate Bass Tyfoon Soft
ITSONYOU It's On You Fony
KINGKONG King Kong Tune Breaky-Soft
METALGR Metal Gear Tune Breaky-Soft
PENGUIN Penguin Adventure Tune Breaky-Soft
POPCORN Popcorn Breaky-Soft
PRO-FILE Pro-File Ernst Schuller
PRO-TECT Pro-Tect Ernst Schuller
SACLERON Sacleron Fony
SACLERN2 Sacleron 2 Fony
SILENCE Silence Echo Breaky-Soft
TEST Endless Ending 2 Breaky-Soft

The original version includes an additional music on the menu screen, it's the same music as in the intro of the Pro-Tracker Demo, it has been composed by Ernst Schuller.



  • The original software came on a sector-loaded disk, years later it was converted to a files version by Shadow.
  • Eggbert and Fony Demodisk 2 are examples of software using Pro-Tracker Music.
  • You can actually use the program online these days: Pro-Tracker Online.