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Pulsar is a megademo on 2 disks, released in December 1990 by the Syntax Error team. It is mostly a MSX-MUSIC product and it uses almost only screen 5, but a few parts have nice MSX-AUDIO samples.

If you have only MSX-AUDIO, some parts will be skipped and you will hear MSX-AUDIO samples in all accessible parts.

This megademo uses a RAM version of the runtime compiler X-BASIC, it is hidden in the disk sectors, just check address 73C00h on disk 1 and 3262BH on disk 2.

An MSX2 or higher enhanced with MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO is required. To avoid some problems, it's recommanded to boot the computer while pressing the CTRL key.


Disk 1

Hardware Test


Checking of your MSX equipment with eventually two appropriate MSX-AUDIO samples.



The intro screen is also enhanced with an impressive MSX-AUDIO sample.



That part is skipped when only MSX-AUDIO is present. You can enjoy here 6 original FM songs, written in MSX-MUSIC BASIC.

Title Author Soundchips
Pulsar Erik Dierks MSX-MUSIC
Clap Your Hands
(Klatsche In Die Hände)
Erik Dierks MSX-MUSIC
Rock To The C Erik Dierks MSX-MUSIC
Bolero Erik Dierks MSX-MUSIC
HouseMix 1 Erik Dierks MSX-MUSIC
HouseMix 2 Erik Dierks MSX-MUSIC

Tip for experts: if you know how to extract and adapt the BASIC files, then take a look at offsets 33800h to 3B53Fh on disk 1. The extracted musics can also be played on MSX1 machines.

Pulsar Scroll


A double animation with the letters 'SE' and 'PULSAR'.

Giant Syntax Error


After the minimalism of the previous part, here comes a dancing SE logo between giant letters for SYNTAX ERROR with colored animations.

Double Scroll


This double scroll in the same in horizontal and vertical modes. Enjoy also the Harry Kepzeiker animation at the end of this part!

Syntax Error Is The Best


Fido Dido is here the hero while Syntax Error team is of course the best!

Another Scroll


It's the only part that is not in screen 5. It consists of a bouncing interactive scroll in screen 6.

Disk Change 1


For the fun, it's recommended to insert disk B without pressing the spacebar. You will be surprised!

Disk 2

Cars Demo


This part is similar to the main part of the Pulsar promo, available on Dragon Disk 01, but this time there's a moving car!



Time for the greetings! They are made in an original way!

More Greetings


More greetings under the form of news ticker! This part includes also info about an hidden feature, actually deactivated on the available disk images, this to avoid to not corrupt the precious image of Pulsar disk 2.



Discover the electronic heartbeat of Syntax Error!

Giant Bug


Bugs can be found in software, here's a real giant bug, enhanced by a powerful MSX-AUDIO sample.

Note: On emulators, the 3 parts after this giant bug are impossible to launch. However, I've found a workaround, but you need to use a machine with the X-BASIC built-in or in extension:

  • make a copy of the disk 2 image
  • use an hexadecimal editor to find addresses 1C800h to 1CDF0h on disk 2 and keep only this part in a new file
  • modify the first byte of this file by replacing value 00 with FF
  • save the file as a BASIC file on a new disk image (for example SE.BAS)
  • insert the disk image in drive A
  • enter LOAD"SE.BAS"
  • insert the unmodified disk 2 of the Pulsar demo
  • enter POKE &HFD9E,0:SCREEN5:RUN

Simpson Demo


No bugs without Simpson and no Simpson without bugs! This part was really required!



The final part with the credits and a last small animation!

Disk Change 2


The same fun as for Disk Change 1! Unfortunaly, when you go back to the FM-Beat menu, the demo seems to no more work correctly...

Note: There's a mistake on this part. Original disk invites to insert disk B, while it should be disk A! You can correct that by patching the image of disk 2 at address 9B25h: replace value 42 with 41.

Hiddens parts

T&J Soft


This hidden part can be accessed from the FM-Beat menu (on disk 1) while pressing F8 when the music is not playing. T&J Soft has actually provided here 11 little songs for children, written in MSX-MUSIC BASIC. You can go back to the FM-Beat menu with the ESC key.

Title Author Soundchips
Small Tickle The Flea
(Kriebeltje De Vlo)
Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
Men With Beards
(Mannen Met Baarden)
Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
Mussi Den Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
Jingle Bells Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
Mary Had A Little Lamb
(Daar Was Eens Een Meisje Loos)
Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
St. Nicolas Little Rascal
(Sinterklaas Kapoentje)
Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
The Ice Cream Man
(De Ijscoman)
Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
Saw Saw (Zagen Zagen) Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
Battle Hymn Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
Hop Little Marleen
(Hop Marleentje)
Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC
Two Bears (Twee Beren) Theo Oubrie MSX-MUSIC

Tip for experts: if you know how to extract and adapt the BASIC files, then take a look at offsets 1BA00h to 1FEDFh on disk 1. The extracted musics can also be played on MSX1 machines.

Hidden Music?

On disk 2, there's also one FM song, written in MSX-MUSIC BASIC. Unfortunaly, the way to access to this music is unknown (which keys need to be pressed and when?).

Title Author Soundchips
HouseMix 3 Erik Dierks MSX-MUSIC

Tip for experts: if you know how to extract and adapt the BASIC file, then take a look at offsets 2B000h to 2D39Fh on disk 2. The extracted music can also be played on MSX1 machines.


  • Willy de Zutter (programmer, sound digitizer)
  • Erik Dierks (graphic designer, music programmer)
  • Theo Oubrie (T&J Soft music programmer)