Quasar 06
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The interface and part of the provided software are for MSX2 and higher. However, there are also two software for MSX1 and one software is only for MSX2+ and Turbo R.



Diskmagazine released in August 1991 by MSX Club Gouda and the FCS team.


  • in the intro, Jack Vetnek receives a card from Japan, sent by his wife. He tries a phone calling, but gets only the automatic answerer. His uncle Henk replaces it in the part with scroll text.
  • the hardware report is now very extended

There is almost no any music in this edition: only PSG for using the telephone in the intro and MSX-AUDIO as answer to this phone calling.

Main content

Quasar 06 Intro
Quasar 06 Intro
Quasar 06 Hardware Report

General info

  • Mapper functions in slots 3-2 and 3-3 of MSX Turbo R
  • Teletext protocol

Software reviews


Quasar 06 Henk Vetnek
Quasar 06 Menu
Quasar 06 Shoot'Em


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
SHOOT-EM.LDR Shoot'Em FCS MSX2 MSX-AUDIO Mouse required

Special effects with the function keys:

  • F1 = picture fully shot to pieces
  • F2 = HOI JAN text written with shots
  • F3 = MSX CLUB GOUDA text written with shots
  • F4 = a cross is shot on the picture
  • F5 = FCS text written with shots


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation
JOYSTEST.LDR Joystick Tester Gert de Boom MSX1
REFORMAT.LDR Reformat Koos Kuil
Ben Doedens
(Vrijdag 13)
Gert de Boom MSX1


  • 2 Pascal files: JOYSTEST.PAS - VRIJDAG.PAS
  • Update for the Quattro game: QUATTRO.007
  • Promo of the Mous Master utility for MSX2+ and Turbo R : MASTER.LDR
    • Note: Replace MOUSE.S12 by MOUSE.SRS in line 390
    • The MOUSE.SRS file is missing, but can be found on disk 1 of Quasar 07

Playing tips