Quasar 08
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Diskmagazine released in October 1991 by MSX Club Gouda and the FCS team


  • a new intro appears on this diskmagazine, it will be used too for the next normal editions
  • a fake reset and a strange Jack's BASIC precede the hardware report and a Jake's picture on a scale

This edition comes with musics in the FAC Soundtracker 2 format used in the intro and the magazine part. When both MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC soundchips are present, MSX-AUDIO is automatically selected.

Main content

Quasar 08 Intro
Quasar 08 Hardware Report
Quasar 08 Jack

Software reviews


Quasar 08 Software menu
Pink Sox Demo
Edicad Interlace Demo


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
EDICADEM.LDR Edicad Interlace Demo Tencas MSX2 Boot while pressing CTRL key
SOX.LDR PInk Sox Demo Gold Soft MSX2


  • Details about all the FAC Soundtracker 2 songs on Quasar 08
Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/SM2) Title Composer Part of the Quasar disk
FCSINTRO - FCS Intro Song FCS Intro
QUASAR.006 QUASAR.003/004 Happy Parade Ernst Schuller Magazine
QUASAR.007 QUASAR.003/004 Happy Parade Ernst Schuller Magazine
QUASAR.008 QUASAR.003/004 Dis-Astrum (Evil Star) Ernst Schuller Magazine
QUASAR.009 QUASAR.003/004 No More Tears Ernst Schuller Magazine
QUASAR.00A - Provocator Ernst Schuller Magazine
QUASAR.00B - Gnorm From Benidorm (So What ?) Ernst Schuller Magazine

You can optionally put these files on a dedicated FAC Soundtracker 2 music disk.

Important! You need to modify the names to use the correct extensions (MUS/SM1/SM2), it is also recommended to specify the name of the drumkit (without the extension) in the MUS file.

For more tips about this format, check the FAC Music Disk 3 Wiki page, especially to play the songs on MSX1.

Note: the FCSINTRO.MUS file is hidden in the sectors, you need to extract it and adapt it.

Playing tips