Rookie Drive 720
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The Rookie Drive 720 interface developed by user Xavirompe is the precursor to the Rookie Drive NX device.

This interface consists of an USB virtual drive that lets us to connect pendrives or hard disks. It is based on the file manage and control chip CH376S which supports FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems.

It includes a ROM that adds several instructions to MSX-BASIC - see RookieDrive BASIC. Only the 720kB DSK driver without the later Konamiman additions is available on this interface, that was never sold as it was actually a prototype.


Rookie Drive 720
Rookie Drive 720 inside
Rookie Drive 720 PCB


  • Floppy disk emulation based on MSX-DOS 1
  • USB support for formatted devices in FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32.
  • 720kB disk images.
  • CALL instructions to handle disk images - see RookieDrive BASIC
  • It works on MSX1 computers and higher.