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Royal MSX Force
Royal MSX Force
Years active 1991-1994
Main activities demos, music disks
Founded by Tesla
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Tesla, Vectron, Hawk, Wolf
Former members
Website unknown



The Royal MSX Force was founded in 1991, as the follow-up of Edo soft, a two-man formation that only had plans, but no releases. RMF's initial members didn't include a composer, which led to a unique situation in MSX demo history: a high profile demo without sound. The Royal Art Promo was published on Clubguide Picture disk 7 and included color screen splits and large scrollers. A request for new crew members in the upper scroller led to Wolf joining the RMF in 1991.

With Tesla, the main coder, studying Aerospace Engineering, there was not a lot of time left to put into RMF productions. In 1995 the RMF was more or less declared dead. Wolf joined Fuzzy Logic shortly after that (a suggestion made by Bart, Cain), to make the popular music disks MB-Muzax 2 and Muzax 3. In 2004, Wolf formed Infinite, together with Chao5 from TeddyWareZ. By pure coincidence Tesla stumbled upon MRC (and Wolf) and joined Infinite as main coder shortly after that. With Wolf and Tesla (now using his real name Edwin) being the core members of Infinite, one could say that Infinite is the continuation of the RMF.




Music Disks

Never finished productions

  • Once Upon a Time in the Maze

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