SCC Musix Dizc 1
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SCC Musix Dizc 1 is a music disk by Fuzzy Logic with SCC songs written by Kid Cnoz. In 2022, Fuzzy Logic re-released the disc which its original version was published in 1992.

The 1992 disk contains 25 masterpieces for SCC written by Kid Cnoz using SCC Musixx (Tyfoon Soft) and is a sector loaded one. The Kid was introduced to the Fuzzy by Legend Of Doom (LOD) who mentioned the SCC songs he had lying around. It wouldn't take long to come up with the idea to melt them songs into a complete music disk.

The 2022 re-release is a file version which can easily be mounted on a hard disk or any other kind of mass storage device. Besides that, 15 new SCC tracks were added as well an upgrade on the overall technical part of the disc. Some graphics were altered, like the main menu's character set.

A cartridge with SCC/SCC+ soundchip or compatible is required to fully enjoy it.



  • Although the title says 'dizc #1' there never was a successor.
  • It is using an advanced version of the original replayer to make it more flexible using different RAM pages and mappers to make it load multiple songs in one go