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SCC-Musixx Menu



SCC-Musixx is a music editor, tracker style for SCC made by Tyfoon Soft. It requires the presence of a SCC cartridge in slot 1 or 2 without launching of the game. The intro menu allows to choose the musical program itself or the preset editor.

Attention! It's not recommended to insert a non-modified cartridge when the computer is on, as you could damage the computer and/or the cartridge. Different technical solutions are possible to modify the cartridge, such for example a switch. More infos on this page:

Here a list of safe options:

  • slotexpanders with switches
  • SCC cartridges modified with switch or converted to Megasram (aka ESE-RAM)
  • use an MSX emulator

Note: The menu screen is not available in the files version.

The Programs

Music Program

SCC-Musixx - Music Program

SCC-Musixx uses a pattern notation. A maximum of 20 patterns can be used and each pattern is made of 5 columns and 64 lines.

In edit mode, the computer keyboard can be used as SCC music keyboard with two octaves. By using the INS or DEL key, these octaves can be modified together.

The music data are entered by using the keyboard: the note to be played, the octave, the instrument, the volume and an effect code. 13 different special effects are available and you can create new effects, for example by programming tempo changes and repetitions, defining a timerbyte, exploring unknown SCC registers.

This program is automatically launched by the files version. You can also enter BLOAD"PROGRAM.BIN",R


  • If you press the GRAPH key when booting and launching this program, the current active line of the tracker will be displayed in red instead of green.
  • If the message "NO SCC found" is displayed when using the music program, while a SCC cartridge is already present in a slot, press the "1" key or the "2" key to specify in which slot this cartridge is present.

Preset Editor

SCC-Musixx - Wave Editor
SCC-Musixx - Preset Editor

The preset editor allows to create your own sounds and to add them to the provided list of 44 presets.

As each wave is composed of 32 bytes, you can modify each byte of an existing preset or start from an empty preset.

Other features: listening to the preset stored in the buffer, visualising the wave corresponding to this preset (in the Wave Editor) and even ripping presets from a game or demo with SCC music.

Launching if you use the files version: BLOAD"EDITOR.BIN",R

Useful keys

Key Music Program Preset Editor
F1 Play pattern Load presets list
F2 Play song Save presets list
F3 Load song (in play mode)
Change pattern (in edit mode)
Copy preset to buffer
F4 Save song (in play mode)
Change sound (in edit mode)
Insert preset
F5 Load preset Delete preset
F6 Show buffer (go to Wave Editor)
F7 Rip wave from SCC cartridge
F9 Play song
F10 Load presets list (in play mode)
Print song (in edit mode)
Cursors Change cursor position Change cursor position
Left cursor Previous wavename when loading preset
Right cursor Next wavename when loading preset
BS Remove note (in edit mode) Remove preset name (in edit mode)
CTRL + L Clear all data
CTRL + R Increase octave (in edit mode)
CTRL + key after P key Toggle play mode / edit mode
CTRL + STOP Back to menu (in original version) Back to menu (in original version)
DEL Decrease octave (in edit mode)
ESC Stop current action
or Toggle play mode / edit mode
Edit buffer
or Back to previous screen
INS Increase octave (in edit mode)
RETURN Select or enter name of song of preset Listen buffer
SELECT Change VDP frequency (in play mode)
SPACE Rip SCC preset (in SCC Ripper)



To access the replayer, you need to boot the computer without the SCC-Musixx in a drive, then insert it after booting. By entering FILES, you will find 2 versions of the MSX-BASIC replayer:

  • REPLAY.BAS is the first version that does makes an automatic search for the presence of a SCC cartridge in a slot
  • REPLAYX1.BAS is the second version that allows to specify in which slot the SCC cartridge is present

Both versions of the replayer can be used on any MSX generation, they are compatible with MSX1.

The code source is also provided.

Included musics

Several musics (.SNG files) are included, their number vary according the used version of SCC-Musixx.

See also SCC-Musixx file format.