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SDCC is a optimizing Standard C (ANSI C89, ISO C99, ISO C11) compiler suite that targets Zilog Z80 (among others MCUs). It is composed of many tools including C compiler (based on GCC), assembler and linker (based on asxxxx).



Standard library

SDCC's ANSI C standard library.

Other libraries

Avelino Herrera


More details: Fusion-C


  • Link: (May 2019)
  • Author: Nestor "Konamiman" Soriano Vilchez
  • License: MIT license (code) / Creative Commons BY-SA (document)
  • Version: T.B.D.
  • Platform: T.B.D.
  • Features:
    • MSXCHAR: Standard C console functions for MSX
    • CRT0 for MSX-DOS: Startup code files that allow the generation of MSX-DOS executable files with SDCC
    • ASMLIB: C library for assembler and UNAPI interop
    • INLIB: C library for InterNestor Lite 1.x
    • BASE64LIB: C library for Base64 encoding and decoding
    • SHALIB: C library for SHA1 hashing


  • Link: (December 2022)
  • Author: Guillaume "Aoineko" Blanchard
  • License: Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0
  • Version: SDCC 4.2.0
  • Platform: Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Features:
    • Output media: MSX-DOS, Basic binary, ROM (8 to 64 KB) and MegaROM (ASCII 8/16, Konami, Konami SCC)
    • VDP (9918, 9938 & 9958), Sprite, Input (Keyboard, joystick, mouse), Math, String, Draw, BIOS, Real Time Clock, ...
    • Audio chip: PSG, MSX-Music (FM-PAC), MSX-Audio and SCC
    • Audio format: Arkos, PT3, ayFX, Trilo SCC, WYZ, VGM, lVGM and PCM-Enc

More details: MSXgl

rlengine (retrodeluxe engine)

  • Link:
  • Author: RetroDeLuxe (Enric Martin Geijo)
  • License: GPLv2
  • Version: Custom SDCC fork based on 3.8.5
  • Platform: T.B.D.
  • Features:
    • Build System support for 32K, 48K and up to 2048K ROMS
    • Support for banked calls and automated bank switching allowing larger code bases
    • Automatic compilation of assets (Maps, Tiles, Sprites) from common tools and formats (PNG, Tiled, etc.)
    • Vortex Tracker II Music and SFX player (PT3, AFB)
    • Different modes of compression for Map and Tile Data
    • Several abstractions to ease development of complex games: Display Lists, Animations, Collision Handlers, Fonts, etc.
    • Early support for MSX2 (screen 5 blit, palette, sprites mode 2, and mouse)


Based on SOLIDC compiler source port to SDCC.