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In 1994 Soepfiskje was Near Dark's first attempt to break through in the world of music disks. Back then the name Near Dark was still non existent. The disk supports MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC.

SF intro.png


  • Soepfiskje is an unofficial Frisian (language in the northern region of the Netherlands) word. It has something to do with drinking and fishing. But without the fishing rod. It was a typical summer activity by some of the Near Darkies during the summer of 1994.
  • Most titles were inspired on the titles of a Belgian comic series called Suske & Wiske.
  • During the Zandvoort 1994 fair Meits threw one Soepfiskje labeled empty disk far into the crowd. Later that day a visitor who picked it up, politely returned it to the MSX-Club Friesland-Noord stand. He was rewarded with a functional version of the disk.
  • The landscape of the replayer screen shows a mixed Leeuwarden, Opeinde and Burgum horizon.
SF replayer.png


  • Chip (coding, graphics, music)
  • Meits (music, graphics, ideas)
  • .arj (graphics)
  • W76 (graphics)
  • MOA (session musician)