Sony HBI-55
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The Sony HBI-55 is a data cartridge identical to the UDC-01 from Yamaha. It is used to store the data of the Personal Databank software that comes with the following Sony computers:

This cartridge was included in the package of the Japanese HB-55 and HB-75, but it was not the case of the models sold outside Japan.

The Personal Databank software is provided on tape for the HB-501 while it's built-in for all the other mentioned machines.

Data and little BASIC programs can be saved on a 4kB SRAM (Static RAM) and a small battery preserves them when the computer is off.

Brand Sony
Model HBI-55
Year 1984
Region JP, Europe
Launch price DE: 128 DM
JP: ¥9,800
Package content HBI-50 cartridge
Operating instructions
Emulation emulated


Data save/load

The data of the Personal Databank are saved when using the appropriate option of the application.

This feature is available on all mentioned computers.

BASIC program save/load

A small BASIC program can also be saved to this cartridge with the instruction SAVE"CAT:" when you select BASIC + DATA CARTRIDGE in the application menu, and you can load it from the cartridge with LOAD"CAT:".

This feature

  • is not available on the Japanese HB-55, because LOAD"CAT:" and SAVE"CAT:" are not implemented
  • requires 64kB RAM on the European HB-55P, it means you need a 32kB expansion memory

On the HB-F1, HB-F1II and HB-F5 MSX2 computers, you need to select BASIC (the additional instructions are supported when the HBI-55 cartridge is present).


Sony HBI-55 box
Sony HBI-55 box, cartridge and manual
Sony HBI-55 cartridge
Sony HBI-55 PCB
Sony HBI-55 PCB underside
Sony HBI-55 box, cartridge and manual


The HBI-55 has a non-rechargeable battery, without it the SRAM will not keep the contents when the system is switched off. This coin cell battery can be replaced, you need to open the cartridge and replace the battery by soldering a new one (type: CR2032 or BR2032 Lithium 3V). Confirmation is needed about battery pins type. Be careful not to overheat the battery when soldering it, and put on safety glasses because of the risk of explosion with heat.

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