Sony HBI-J1
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The Sony HBI-J1 is a MSX-JE and Kanji-ROM Level 1 and 2 (JIS1 and JIS2) cartridge released in 1988 for MSX2 computers with at least 64kB RAM and 128kB VRAM.

It contains also all the MSX-BASIC instructions for the Kanji screens, generally known as Kanji BASIC. A battery backed 16kB SRAM is included.

The cartridge is very similar in functionality to that built into the MSX2+ Sony HB-F1XV and HB-F1XDJ computers. All the dumps (Kanji font, MSX-JE, Kanji driver) correspond to the roms of the HB-F1XDJ machine.

The main difference is the inclusion of Kanji BASIC with MSX-JE in the T5277 chip (1024kB ROM) used for the Sony HBI-J1 cartridge while only MSX-JE can be found in the T5277A chip used for the mentioned computers (Kanji BASIC is on a separate 32kB ROM for these computers).

The mapper of the 1024kB ROM is the same as for the HAL Halnote ROM and the firmware of the MSX2+ Sony computers, it's the Halnote mapper.

Official price: ¥17,000


Sony HBI-J1
Sony HBI-J1 underside
Sony HBI-J1 with manuals
Sony HBI-J1 box and content
Sony HBI-J1 PCB underside