Sony XV-J777
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The Sony XV-J777 is a video titler appliance, aimed at the Japanese market. The system is basically an MSX2, but without the MSX logo. It is very similar to the XV-J770, but includes a 64kB IC memory card.

The system is only meant to run the integrated video titler software, and as such does not have a Data Recorder, Floppy drive or MSX cartridge slot. As such to run MSX programs on it, other then the integrated software there are a few barriers to overcome.

This system appears to have been made by Mitsumi, the label on the back of the case says Mitsumi and so does the PCB. Despite this, all the ROMs are from SONY, most of them from the HB-F1XD.

Brand Sony (manufacturer: Mitsumi?)
Model XV-J777
Year  ?
Region Japan
Launch price
RAM 64kB
VRAM 128kB
Video Yamaha V9938
Audio PSG
Chipset Yamaha S1985
Keyboard layout specific keypad
Extras Kanji-ROM JIS1+JIS2, MSX-JE, 16kB SRAM, IC memory card slot with 64kB card, Superimposer, Mouse (Sony MOS-1), special keyboard
Emulation ROMs dumped, but not yet emulated


Sony XV-J777 - Overview
Sony XV-J777


Software side, this machine has MSX-BASIC 2.0


  • Keyboard connector
  • One Joystick (DB-9 male), meant for the mouse
  • IC Memory card slot
  • One GPI (General Purpose Interface) port
  • One set of RCA Video/Audio + S-Video output connectors on the rear
  • One set of RCA Video/Audio + S-Video input connectors on the front
  • Two sets of RCA Video/Audio + S-Video input connectors on the rear
  • power cable
  • Power outlet

Note: No Data recorder connector or MSX cartridge slot!

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